Our Company

We Are:

  • Family owned and run. For 4 generations and counting.
  • Global. 17 companies in 10 countries offer to join an international band of brothers/sisters.
  • Long-lasting. We plan to be around forever.
  • German innovation and American ingenuity. Together we produce the highest quality brands and first-rate customer service.
  • Quality. It’s everyone’s job. Enough said.

Our People

We Are:

  • Team USA. Working together to solve problems for our customers – inside and outside our walls.​
  • Your neighbors. Up to this point all of our employees live within driving distance!​
  • Not afraid of good old-fashioned hard work. Let’s get it done and get it done right.​
  • Human. We all make mistakes. Be honest. Fix them, and move on – we already have.​
  • Healthy! Saying yes to nutrition, exercise, and healthy choices, while saying no to drugs and tobacco.

Our Community / Our World

We Believe In:

  • Sustainability. Protecting our environment is what drives us to come up with creative energy solutions for each of our locations.
  • Recycling. Striving to recycle whatever we can and looking for ways to do more.
  • Pitching in. When it comes to green initiatives and children’s issues, Develey USA looks to contribute to “Whatever makes sense”.​
  • Having a good time! With plans for a Mustard Store & Museum, Oktoberfest, and joining other community events, you can count on seeing Develey’s Team USA all around town!