Develey was founded by Johann Conrad Develey in 1845 in the city center of Munich, Germany. Nine years later, after experimenting with different flavors and “traditional” mustards, he invented the Original Munich Sweet Mustard – the essential complement to Bavarian white sausages (Weiβwurst). Made from a of sharp dijon mustard, caramelized sugar, spirit vinegar and a secret spice mixture, this unique sweet mustard was awarded the Medal of Progress at the World Exhibition in Vienna and named purveyor to the court of King Ludwig II. Develey died in 1886 and was honored with a memorial gravestone indicating his status as a Royal Bavarian Court supplier. ​

The Develey Group

More than 170 years of tradition, quality and corporate flexibility have shaped the history of Develey. As a family-owned business in the 4th generation, there is a strong feeling for authenticity and connection to local roots. These values go hand in hand with the commitment to innovation and growth.

More Bavarian than German, the Develey Group embraces the region’s rich history of independence and distinctive Southern German culture. However, in order to bring the best of all tastes to your table, we have united several strong mustard and condiment brands under one roof. The wildly popular regional brands of Develey, Loewensenf, and Bautz’ner are seen in the majority of cupboards in a large portion of Germany. Additionally, Develey brings you Reine de Dijon from France, Mautner Markhof from Austria, and brands such as Specht, Snico, Kand, and Fersan from eastern Europe.

And we are not just a mustard company! Develey is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the international brands of Tabasco, Kikkoman, Del Monte, and Gatorade in Germany and other European countries.

Today Develey is the official supplier of Oktoberfest and has extended its Bavarian roots to world-wide markets. We are one of the leading producers of mustards, pickles, dressings and sauces in Europe – exporting to more than 65 countries internationally. ​

Quality from Bavaria​

Since 1874 when Develey was named an official “Purveyor of the Court” for King Ludwig II, quality has been key to the company’s success. From the raw materials to the finished product, all phases of production are carefully monitored internally and audited by external laboratories and institutes. All 17 Develey production sites are IFS certified.

With over 170 years’ experience, paired with modern technologies and innovation, Develey guarantees the highest quality for all of our products. Our passion for the continuous development of our brands and knowing our customers’ food preferences bring value to our partners when it comes to “good taste.”

Quality from the Official Partner of Oktoberfest – a Bavarian Tradition​​

Traditionally known as the World’s Largest Volkfest (beer festival and traveling fun fair), Oktoberfest is held every year in late September and early October. Known for beer drinking, merry-making, and music, this world-renowned event has celebrated Bavaria and all of its culinary delights for over 200 years. Develey is the official mustard supplier to the Biggest Beer Festival on Earth, delighting the taste buds of millions of visitors and guiding them through the culinary delights of Bavaria. The well-known “Bavarian White Sausage” is a must-have, and no one should imagine having this dish without Develey’s Original Munich Sweet Mustard! ​

Facts About Oktoberfest

  • First established in 1810 as a celebration of the wedding of the Prince of Bavaria.
  • Originally held in October, the festival was moved to the end of September-first of October because of the warmer weather.
  • Oktoberfest in Munich draws 6-7 million visitors each year from all over the world.
  • Typical food includes pork & roasted chicken, sausages, mustard, and sauerkraut.
  • Develey has been the “Official Mustard Supplier” to Oktoberfest since the 1850s.